Care Performance Partners offers tailored consultancy services and products for organisations that commission, operate or regulate care and health services.

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Our main expertise is with innovation, improvement and performance management. We aim for outcomes that can make a difference to the quality of life for people who use services: finding practical ways to innovate that reflect our clients’ vision, supported by appropriate, affordable technology.


Our core partnership is supplemented by a wider group of associates who also have wide management experience and specialist interests. We are committed to good quality care, value for money, and smart technology. We try to help people to innovate, face challenges with sound knowledge, and make sure that resources are carefully invested. Promoting diversity is integral to all our work.


We have backgrounds in central government (Department of Health, CSED, the former Social Services Inspectorate, and CSCI,) in councils with social care responsibilities, and with independent organisations. Much of our work has been with national or regional bodies including DH, CQC and ADASS, and local councils and health organisations.

We are a focused and friendly team with a reputation for getting things done. We aim for a people-centred approach, bringing capability and experience in managing change with strong skills in informatics and analysis.  This means we can offer practical help with transformation and improvement programmes – moving from aims and targets through process design, to performance systems and evaluation.

In performance evaluation, we have extensive experience of assessment, inspection and regulation. This means that we can help you see your service through external eyes, equip you with assessment methods and skills, and set up systems to manage performance knowledge and evidence. In performance evaluation, we have extensive experience of assessment, inspection and regulation.